7-Day Pullout Candle: CNDL-532


7-Day Pullout Candle: CNDL-532

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Item # CNDL-532:
7-Day Pullout Candle….

100% wax slugs that fit & can be pulled out of regular
7-day candle glass………..”comes with reversible wicks”.
Will burn for approx 120 hours under right conditions….17cms in Height…5cms in width.

Gold:….Gold is for the attraction of wealth. Best used for drawing money, prosperity, and success.

Red:….Red is a powerful energy candle. Use it for strength, emotional stimulation, generating power, sexual stimulation and love.

Purple:….Cosmic candle. Use Purple for power, ambition, spiritual development, power over others, to connect with Cosmic Consciousness.

Orange:….Orange is again a stimulating colour. Use for attraction of people or objects and to obtain desired results.

Black:….Black is the absence of all colour, therefore the candle of negative power. Use to release all negative energies, to return negative energy, to absorb negative energies and to direct them.

Blue:….Blue is serenity, peace, and tranquility. Use blue for creative expression, understanding, and patience.

Green:….Green is the colour of growth. Use green to promote health, finances and money drawing, good luck, fertility; any goal requiring balance and renewal…..OUT OF STOCK.

Yellow:….Yellow is an expanding wave length. Use for the bringing about of desired results, for expanding and stimulating ritual purpose, specifically attraction and persuasion.

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Weight 350 g
Dimensions 15 × 6 × 15 cm
Length in cm.


Width in cm.