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Anna Riva TAURUS Oil

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Anna Riva TAURUS Oil
Item # O-70321

April 21 to May 22

Seeking the sign of Taurus as a source of power, this magical oil from Anna Riva can aid you in beguiling others and enhancing your natural charisma through its use within ritual magic and spells. It can also be used to help empower spells of…

The house of wealth and industry. Lucky day is Friday. Lucky numbers are 2 and 7. Those born under the sign of the bull are determined, persistent, self-reliant, trust- worthy and have great physical and mental endurance powers. Many people born under this sign have the capacity to become psychics, mediums and faith healers and your capacity to magnetize others can be enhanced by wearing this beguiling scent.

This is a bottle of anointing oil, for external use only.
1/4 fl. oz (7.3ml) Pure & Uncut Oils

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