Tarot Reading

Tarot Readings

With Geraldine Borg

Geraldine was born in England, near London and inherited a great interest in Spirituality from her Welsh grandmother and aunt both of who were very psychic. From an early age, Geraldine was reading books about Life after Death, Reincarnation, Meditation and many related topics. Later on she studied with people like the English Author/Psychic Edmund Harold.

Geraldine is an Intuitive Tarot Reader and a Spiritual Healer/Reiki Master. She is also a Registered Nurse, a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a Certificate in Counselling and Teacher of Metaphysics.

In the past twenty years she has facilitated many Meditation Groups and Courses both in Sydney and the Gold Coast, especially teaching many people from all walks of life about the life-changing effects of Meditation.


The Blue Mountains NSW

Phone: 0429 914 554

Email: info@theneworacle.com.au

$65 – 1 Hour

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